Our classes are taught by dedicated and experienced educators. Using proven teaching strategies, they make sure that every student finds a creative path to that leads to success.

We have always enjoyed creating a fun learning environment and hope that you find our online classes to continue with that tradition. While some classes are just freedom of expression and fun other classes incorporate traditional learning styles with printable fact sheets of the artist which makes it perfect for home schooling and distant learning.

Our Mission is to have fun and squeeze a little learning in the mix. We believe that art is not only fun but a conduit to emotions and thoughts often left in the recesses of our mind which when released allows us all to grow and express ourselves beautifully.

- Rhoda Ede

Hi, I’m Rhoda Ede.

A mother of 7, grandmother of 8 and running a Non-Profit that focuses on art for kids I thought my plate was full! Covid 19 hit and the rest has been a blur. How does one go from driving to 4 different schools across county lines 4 days a week to a screeching halt? You don't. I couldn't stand to think that I would not be able to engage with my students so I did the only thing I knew I could... teach art online. With the help of the highway patrol we delivered close to 350 art kits to our areas kids and started doing live videos 4 days a week online. With school changing the way it looks and runs we see that our need to create content that is fun and engaging has only increased and doing it safely from a distance is paramount. I developed this art program for kids and then threw in a little fun for the adults - Please take time to watch the free course I am offering to your student and you and if you think we are a fit than enjoy the courses I offer.